Leading our industry...responsibly




Since the inception of Polarcus ten years ago, we have endeavoured to make positive changes across the seismic industry from a corporate and social responsibility perspective. From day one, Polarcus’ Explore Green™ agenda has been a key differentiator for the Company. Importantly, our Core Values of Responsibility, Innovation and Excellence have been the guiding principles by which Polarcus has operated its business across the globe.

Despite the challenging market conditions and extreme pressure on the seismic industry in recent years, we have maintained focus on the Polarcus Vision to be a ‘pioneer in an industry where the frontiers of seismic exploration are responsibly expanded without harm to our world’.

In this report, you will learn about what we are doing to minimize the impact of our operations across the globe, where we see risks for our stakeholders and what we are doing to mitigate those risks.

We are taking an important step forward in our CSR approach by preparing our 2017 report in alignment with the Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) Standards. Sustainability reporting based on the GRI Standards provides information about an organization’s contributions to sustainable development – something that we are very proud of here at Polarcus!

I trust you enjoy reading the Polarcus Sustainability Report 2017 and hope that it will inspire our peers to follow in our footsteps.

Duncan Eley







Responsibility: we dig into the Polarcus Explore Green™ agenda to demonstrate just how far Polarcus has gone to pioneer environmental leadership in our industry, in addition to delivering unwavering focus on safety, security, business ethics and contributing to the communities in which we work and live.


Innovation: the unique design and functionality of Polarcus vessels have been differentiating features of the Company from the outset. Our innovative approach has continued, and has evolved further, through exciting new mechanical, maritime and geophysical initiatives. Such initiatives have enabled Polarcus to continuously challenge and re-define the norms of our industry.


Excellence: here we focus on the glue that holds everything together - our people. Attracting, developing and engaging our highly talented workforce enables us to deliver our industry-leading performance and maintain our safety, operational and geophysical excellence.









Sustainability Reporting


We continuously strive to improve the sustainability of our operations through appropriate application of our policies and procedures on which we report in this document. Our first CSR report was published in 2014 and since then we have committed to publish our CSR contribution annually in order to outline our business impact on the industry and the world around us. Our 2017 Sustainability Report has been has been produced in accordance with the GRI standards: “Core Option”, in an effort to maintain and continually improve transparency in our reporting.









We strive to continually change and improve our industry through innovation. Through innovation we aim to make our offerings more competitive through improved quality and efficiencies. By staying true to our Core Values we have been able to recognize additional benefits through innovation such as:

  • Raising client awareness of vessel emissions and environmental impact in the tender review process through the innovative Explore Green™ agenda
  • Driving improved towing capability of our vessels in combination with reduced fuel consumption through our innovative approach to drag reduction across our fleet
  • Providing clients with a vastly improved combination of acquisition efficiency in combination with data imaging quality through our innovative XArray™ acquisition technique which has driven a significant number of contract awards during 2016
  • Delivering tangible value to our clients for their exploration cycles by providing high quality on-board processing products directly from our vessels within very short timelines through our innovative Priority Processing initiative that we have developed in combination with DownUnder GeoSolutions.